RGBLink X14

RGBLink X14


Designed for broadcasting multi-screen multi-window Video Wall Processor. X14 is a large scale, 165 mega pixel video processor supporting multiple operation modes and high performance multi-window/layer/pip capabilities for “system-in-box” capabilities.

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X14 is a large scale, 165 mega pixel video processor supporting multiple operation modes and high performance multi-window/layer/pip capabilities for “system-in-box” capabilities

For entire video display systems, X14 brings a new level of efficiency, capability and control. Supporting to massive 52 inputs and up to 40 outputs, X14 truly brings together large videos systems for system-in-box approaches to video presentation and integration. Modular throughout RGBlink technologies support user fit input and output signals with each slot configurable up to 4K/UHD resolutions at full frame rates.

With so many inputs, windowing and layering capabilities have been dramatically enhanced over earlier models and the output canvas is up to 165 mega pixels across multiple virtual video containers and modes.

Dedicated preview functionality is available both remotely via XPOSE and on the inbuilt LCD display. XPOSE is embedded directly to X14 too, providing not just monitoring but extensive control capabilities.

Built-in ethernet ports of H.264 streaming on communication board enhance it’s capacity of output.Together with XPOSE, it brings a more convenient applications to ensure safety display for projects; Meanwhile, H.264 streaming function on communication board is widely applied during live streaming show via common live steaming website.

Unique encoding technology between 2SI and SQD are switchable via RGBlink 12GSDI input module to ensure a safety application during 4K signal process, transmission.

Unique multiple display system integrated management application provides a targeting bank switching among rear display systems(LCDs, PROJECTORs, LEDs), to define all the outputs by different groups connected to different display media, each defined groups of outputs can be controlled separately by XPOSE while all the display on different media are not impact each other.

X14 takes advanced video processing and scaling to a whole new level.

Up to 52 2K inputs / 14 4K inputs (or combination of)
Up to 40 outputs / 20 4K outputs (or combination of)
Seamless switching 54×40
165 mega pixlel output capactiy
Display up to 160 layers, 4 layers each output
Multi-display system integrated management
Simultaneous & multiple opteration modes
Redundant hot swap power supply option and auto temperature control
EDID management  Streaming source preview to XPOSE or 3rd party via H.264
Genlock Y In / Loop
Powerful format conversion among H.264, HDBaseT, SDI(SD-12G), VGA, CVBS, USB,v HDMI(1.3, 1.4, 2.0), DVI, DP(1.1, 1.1a, 1.2)
2SI and SQD switchable in 4K application

Connectors3 slots, up to 52 inputs, select from below modules:
4K@60 1 x DVI-I | 2 x HDMI-A | 1 x DP
12G SDI 4 x BNC (1 x 12G/6G or 4 x 3G)
4K@30 2 x DVI-I | 2 x HDMI-A | 2 x DP
3G SDI 8 x BNC (4 In | 4 Loop)
H.264 4 x RJ45
HDBaseT 4 x RJ45
VGA 4 x DB15
CVBS 8 x BNC (4 In/Backup)
USB 2.0 4 x USB-A

10 slots up to 40 outputs, select from below modules
3G SDI 4 x BNC
HDBaseT 4 x RJ45
H.264 4 x RJ45 | 2 x HDMI-A
ARO Rotation 4 x DVI-I


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