Mobile Broadband Hire

What do I get?

1 Mobile Broadband Dongle from 3.

1 USB Cable.

1 User guide.

1 Pre-addressed postal bag to return the unit to us.

How do I book?

Take a look at the pricing table on this page then check if we have the product available for your selected dates. Bookings & payment can be made through the website or call us on 01202 755733 and we will do it for you.

How does mobile broadband hire work?

We deliver you a dongle on the first day you have selected for your rental. Plug it into your USB port on your PC, Laptop, Mac or Macbook and it will automatically install then you will be online in a couple of minutes.On your last rental day you simply post it back to us in the provided envelope.

How much does it cost?

The rental cost of Mobile Broadband Hire is shown on the table on the left. This all inclusive price includes a 1GB allocation per week.So if you hire the product for between 1-7 days you have 1GB to use. If you choose to hire for between 8 – 14 days then you have 2GB to use. Then 3GB for 15 – 21 days and 4GB for 22 – 28 days. Please call us on 01202 755733 if you need any clarification or email us

Uses for mobile broadband rental.
You might be just setting up a new office and in need of a short term temporary internet broadband solution, travelling on business or pleasure or even on location then hiring a Mobile Broadband dongle could be the solution as you can use it for all the things you normally go online for.

What is the coverage?
We have carefully selected 3 Mobile Broadband as our providers who currently have 91% coverage within the UK.

To check the coverage in your area please click below

Mobile Broadband Coverage Checker