Sat Nav Hire (South Africa)

Sat Nav Hire (South Africa)
Hire Period Pricing Table:
Days   Total Price
1   £23.88
2   £23.88
3   £23.88
4   £23.88
5   £25.08
6   £26.88
7   £28.68
8   £31.68
9   £34.68
10   £37.68
11   £40.68
12   £43.68
13   £46.68
14   £49.68
15   £52.68
16   £55.68
17   £58.68
18   £61.68
19   £64.68
20   £64.68
21   £64.68
22   £64.68
23   £64.68
24   £64.68
25   £64.68
26   £64.68
27   £64.68
28   £64.68
29   £64.68
30   £64.68
31   £64.68
32   £65.28
33   £65.88
34   £66.48
35   £68.28
36   £68.88
37   £69.48
38   £70.08
39   £70.68
40   £71.28
41   £71.88
42   £72.48
43   £73.08
44   £73.68
45   £74.28
46   £74.88
47   £75.48
48   £76.08
49   £76.68
50   £77.28
51   £77.88
52   £78.48
53   £79.08
54   £79.99
55   £79.99
56   £79.99
57   £79.99
58   £79.99
59   £79.99
60   £79.99
61   £79.99
62   £79.99

Total price you pay is shown for corresponding number of days including delivery and VAT.

If a price is not available for the length of hire you require then please contact Zintech for a long-term rental quotation:

by telephone on:
+44 (0) 1202 755733
or by email at:

Sat Nav Hire South Africa

How does hiring a sat nav work?

We post it to you in the UK. You take it away to South Africa with you then post it back to us when you return to the UK.

What do I get?

A TomTom ONE unit with the very latest mapping for Southern Africa.

1 windscreen mount.

1 in-car charger.

1 Quick Start Guide to help you on your first journey.

1 Pre-addressed postal bag to return the unit to us.

How do I hire a sat nav?

Take a look at the pricing table on this page then check if we have a unit available for your selected dates. Bookings & payment can be made through the website or call us on 01202 755733 and we will do it for you.

Do you take a deposit as well?

We check your card for an additional 30 on the 5th working day preceeding the rental. This is called a pre-authorisation. Under no circumstances is this money debited from your account. The only money you will see debited on your statement is the rental cost.

When and what time do I get the sat nav?

By 1pm on the day you have selected your hire period to start.

Who delivers the sat nav?

We use the Royal Mail Special Delivery service so it will be your postman.

Do I need to sign for it?

Someone at the delivery address will need to be available to sign for it.

What if I miss the delivery?

A card is left through the door advising where and when you can collect it.

Is it easy to use?

Yes. As well as the quick start guide we send you the Zintech team are always happy to help with any technical issues. We would also be happy to pre-program your unit with any destinations you wish to drive to.

Is the sat nav insured?

Usually it will be covered through your holiday, household, motor policy or car hire insurance but please check with them first.

When and how do I send it back?

You need to post it back from a Post Office in the provided packaging on the last day you have selected for your rental. If you have selected your rental to finish on a Sunday (the Post Offices are closed) then just post it on the Monday instead.

Are the maps up to date?

We always offer the very latest maps available from TomTom. This is a detailed map of the Southern Africa region with street network coverage of South Africa. Includes coverage of the major towns and cities of Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia. Also includes connected network of major roads that allows you seamless navigation throughout the entire region.

What if I need to extend my sat nav hire period?

Please notify us before your rental is due to end and usually we will be able to accomodate your request.

If you have any further questions on sat nav hire for Southern Africa please contact us on 01202 755733 or email us at

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